About Nigellas

Recognizing that this blessed herb is a gift from our Creator intended to nourish, heal, and soothe us, we strive to bring that blessing directly to you. We invite you to try our products. You will find the quality exceptional, the formulas outstanding, and most importantly, impressively effective!

Illnesses destroys our happiness and we face different kinds of diseases and number of multi speciality hospitals increase and spread everywhere. But no medicine found in the world to keep us away from such diseases. Ailments are common to mankind, but prevention is the better choice than other else ways. That is why Nigellas herbal health care was borned.

We presents an holy and amazing medicine that help us to achieve enough immunal strength in order to fight against any kinds of diseases. We try our level best to full fill our mission that brings you all enough immunity through our product Nigellas Black Seed Oil. So, be part of Nigellas products. It can care & cure your immunal strength, and makes happiest moments in your life throughout. We handle this mission as a challenge to spread its advantages to each one. This is why we brings world's most pure and finest cold pressed crude extract of black cumin on cheapest price that avails nowhere else. All our products are synergistic formulation of BLESSED SEEDS (Nigella Sativa /Black cumin seed) and carefully made from scientifically proven recipes along with Ayurvedic formulation and using the purest, freshest natural herbal ingredients, approved by drug controller of Govt. of Kerala.